Regular Newsletters August 17, 2023

Johnny Dragon’s Mid-August Newsletter

Johnny Dragon’s Mid-August Newsletter

Hope you enjoy my quick mid-month newsletter! Hope you’re staying cool and hydrated out here!

LA County Market Update

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This past month, Los Angeles County showed a slow sales price appreciation, which is something I’ve noted in the past few months. Low inventory continues to create a multiple offers situations for buyers, but not as bad as the pandemic market. There are still homes that are not selling as quick in certain neighborhoods, which is good for buyers who have been looking to purchase. August is typically a slower month for sales, so it’ll be interesting the numbers for LA when they come out next month.

The news tends to nationalize the real estate market, forgetting each city/neighborhood across the country have different situations going on. For example: condos in Downtown Los Angeles are not selling as quick as single family homes in Silver Lake or Pasadena. In fact, there’s a significant amount of condos in DTLA that have been sitting on the market for longer than 3 months, which is unusual when looking at the overall low inventory market in LA County. There are condos in DTLA that are starting in the $300K range, which is great for first-time homebuyers who are looking to start their lives in LA.

If you want to know more about what’s happening in a particular neighborhood in your city or neighborhood, I am more than happy to share that information with you!

Check out Punch Club LA

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My friend Kevin Wallace opened up his own boxing gym, The Punch Club LA, in the Mar Vista neighborhood two months ago! Congratulations Kevin! Go support him if you’re ever on the westside. I’ve stopped by twice and he puts you to work!


Welcome Back Students!

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School started this week for a lot of kids, which means we have to show them support! Whether you’re family or friend, show them they’re not alone and they can accomplish anything they want to in life. I wish them all a great academic year!

Thank you for tuning in! Always here if you have any questions!